Sick Ripper

William_Devin_Howell_(inmate) (1)

William Devin Howell

Age at crime: 35 years old

Crime: Murder, rape

Place: New Britain, Connecticut

Victims: 7

Sentence: 6 consecutive life terms

blue can.jpg

(Similar to the van Devin lived and killed in a blue 1985 econoline van)


When you hear garden, what do you picture; beautiful flowers, vibrant colors, and an overwhelming floral aroma. So what was William Devin Howell referring to when he talks about his alternative “garden” with no flowers in sight? For Devin, his garden consists of a piece of land  behind the local dollar store full of bones and human remains. Read along and let me tell you about Connecticut’s most prolific serial killers in history.


A West Virginian native, William Devin Howell, who prefers to be called Devin, got into his 1985 blue ford econoline van and headed north.

West virgina to ct

( map of Devin’s travels)


Once reaching Connecticut, Devin settled his econoline, or murder mobile as he calls it,  in the parking lot of a local Stop and Shop. Living out of his van, Devin, often frequented prostitutes and was known to the local drug scene. So one night, when Nilsa Arizmendi, a street walker, spots Devin in a parking lot, she doesn’t hesitate to say hi. After entering the van, Nilsa’s boyfriend, Angel, claims that was the last time anyone ever saw her again.

Nilsa (1)

(Nilsa Arizmendi)


To this day, Devin claims he had no part in the killing of Nilsa. He has since confessed to the other 6 victims, detailing the horrific acts as if they happened yesterday. He admits Nilsa did enter his van, but he explains it was simply for a short ride down the road. Many do not believe he was the culprit in the case of Nilsa Arizmendi, however, it was this initial arrest that led to the other 6 victims.


It didn’t take long after the first arrest for more charges to come. A week after the arrest, a local hunter came across a plot of land, full of human bones. Right behind the local dollar store, investigators found the skeletal remains of 7 people.


Five of Devins victims were women, vulnerable street walkers, and addicted to drugs. He is quoted speaking to a fellow cell mate, expressing his hate for prostitutes stating “I fucking hate prostitutes”. Nilsa, herself, was in the midst of battling a heroin addiction. These traits were the factors Devin used to justify his killings,by killing street walkers and drug addicts he was, in his mind, “keeping the streets clean”.


The sixth victim was uncharacteristically a guy. Because the man was transgender, when Devin met him, he was dressed as a girl. He finds her attractive so he takes Danny, the victim, back to his car for some fun. It’s again in his van, when Danny tries to perform oral sex, and the wig flies off. This angers Devin because he feels he has been tricked. Immediately, he begins to beat Danny until he is dead.


Devin has since been very open about the killings. He explains that he wasn’t in it for the murder, but mainly the rape. He even details the lengths he went to with one victim to try and conceal her identity by ripping off her finger prints and removing her jaw. For Devin, the murder was necessary,but not to fulfill some deep, dark need inside like most killers, but to simply not get caught. When police did finally catch him, in Virginia, they thoroughly searched his van. Inside they found cushions soaked throughout with blood, later to be tested and identified as Nilsa’s, bizarre homemade sex tapes,  and a steak knife with blood stains.


Upon receiving 15 years for the murder of Nilsa Arizmendi, in 2017 William Devin Howell was consequently given six life terms for each of his additional victims. He has since shown remorse and has publicly apologized to the victims families.



Mini-Van Murders Part One

Michelle Lyn Michaud california

Michelle Michaud

Age at crime: 38 years
Current Age: 60
Crime: Murder, Rape, Kidnapping
Place: Pleasanton, California
Victims: 1 confirmed murder


Writer’s Note: These kinds of cases intrigue me the most. Michelle Michaud, a normal, loving mother, no prior record, who one day snaps. You can blame the no-good guy she hooked up with, but was there some sadistic traits lying underneath to make it that easy for her to just kill? Since this blog entry, I have found Michelle Michaud and have written her a letter on death row. I have asked her what her childhood was like, if she is still in contact with Devaggio and if she still pledges her innocence, I am now awaiting her response. If any readers would like to comment and let me know some good questions to ask her please let me know.

Its common knowledge that most serial killers are male. To hear of a female serial killer is rare.. What is even more infrequent, is the news of a female serial rapist. In this post, I will tell you about one of the most manipulative, twisted female serial rapists, Michelle Michaud.

According to the Michelle Michaud Documentary, Michelle was a normal, church going, single mother who frequently worked as a crossing guard. She had one daughter, Renee, and attended church every Sunday. Those who knew her, generally described her as a friendly and giving women. However, hidden beneath, Michelle had a dark secret. Her income predominately was made by utilizing prostitution.  According to the documentary, it was during one of these thrilling nights, working as a prostitute at a local bar, that Michelle met her soon to be boyfriend James Devaggio. Devaggio was by no means considered a good guy, he was known to be a convicted rapist among many other prior convictions. But for Michelle, the excitement of the bad boy persona drew her in. Soon enough, Devaggio moved in.

Things turned sour quick once this relationship delved deeper. Michelle, who is 38 years old at the time, soon turns to drugs, notably methamphetamine. For those who do not know much about the effects of methamphetamines or Crystal meth in its common street form, reports that it can create functional and molecular changes in the brain. Due to this bonding of drugs between Devaggio and Michaud, they grew even closer, often high and expressing deep fantasies they kept locked up inside. Pretty soon, Devaggios dreams were becoming a reality. Using their green minivan, the couple soon started “women hunting”, in the words of Devaggio, snatching young, isolated women right off the sidewalk. After the abduction, together, Devaggio and Michaud would torture and sexually assault the young women, using a rigged system in the gutted minivan. Attached to the floor were ropes and hooks used to keep the women locked up. Though usually letting the women go after the assaults, one woman, Vanessa Lei Samson, was never seen outside the van alive again.   It wasn’t until a body was spotted off Highway 88 that Devaggio and Michaud were caught

According to court documents, the victim, 22-year-old Vanessa Lei Samson, was left for dead after being tied with ropes and hooks to the floor of the couple’s green minivan. Daveggio and Michaud, then drove for miles with Sampson bound up in the back of their vehicle, incessantly raping her. Eventually their spree ended in South Lake Tahoe, where Vanessa, who was promised release, was instead left for dead along highway 88.

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My Twisted Lil’ Mind

“Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks, when she saw what she had done she gave her father forty-one”. Does this ring a bell? If not, it was a popular nursery rhyme told by children of New England about a young, charming axe wielding daughter taking the lives of her own two parents.The first time I heard it I realized how captivated I was by murder and true crime. I was only six. My interest began to pique more into the occult by the time I was seven and saw pictures of JonBenett Ramsey plastered all over magazine covers at my local grocery store.”Who is she mom?”,”Why did they kill her?”, my first thoughts were less emotional and more confused as to why, what would make someone do something so evil?

Fast forward twenty something years, I am a mother of two children, living a pretty minimal lifestyle, studying my way through college. Studying as a psychology major has fed my fascination. Now not only is it a hobby, but I am told to study the ins and outs of the brain and the chemicals that often contribute to some of the most notorious serial killers sinister actions.

In this blog, we will take a look at everything ranging from murder to aliens. I will describe each case in detail and pick them apart. Why did they happen, where did they happen, and current suspects will be some of the focuses within each segment. So if you’re like me and can’t resist a morbid, suspenseful, truly terrifying story, don’t hesitate, read along.



(Lizzie Borden’s Family household which has since turned into a working bed and breakfast in Fall River, MA)


Warning: This blog is not for the faint of heart